Join our affiliates scheme and start earning money straight away!  Our affiliates scheme allows you to earn money when you refer customers to our site.  For each confirmed referral purchase, you could earn upto 20% of the order.

Register for your affiliate program

Registration is free and easy so follow this link and we will review and approve accordingly.

Empress Skincare Affiliate 


How does the affiliate program work? 

It just takes a minute to join our programme. Once you are registered with us we will provide a code for you to Cut & Paste onto your site or as a link from an email, your facebook page, chat room or online community.  When visitors click on your link they end up at Empress Skincare and if they buy something from us, then you'll get commission!


What does it cost to join? 

Nothing. It's free to join and you can cancel at any time.


I am based outside the UK. Can I be an affiliate? 

Yes. We accept affiliates based in the UK & Abroad, however any costs associated with overseas bank transfers would need to be paid by the affiliate (a store credit or paypal transfer would have no charges).


Can I use your logo or product images? 

Yes, right click on any of the images on the site and you should be able to copy them. However please note that we reserve the right to ask you to remove any image we feel inappropriate for any reason.


What are my responsibilities as an affiliate? 

You're responsible for placing your individual link on your website and others website were you are able to. We don't expect anything else of you (i.e.: no sales "targets" etc). We value you as an affiliate regardless of whether you're referring 1 customer a month or 1000 customers a month.


How are orders tracked and credited to my web site? 

All links from you to Empress Skincare contain your unique source ID. Every time a customer comes to us via one of your links, and makes a purchase, we'll know, and the system will automatically credit your affiliate account.

How much will I be paid? 

You'll receive a commission of upto 20% of final sales - a "final" sale is one where an order has been placed and payment has been received. If someone comes to our site via yours and doesn't purchase anything on that visit, they will need to come to us via you again for you to get the commission.


When and how will I be paid? 

We pay affiliates during the 1st week of January, April, July, October, unless the amount owed is less than £5.00, in which case the amount owed is carried over until the amount exceeds £5.00. Payment will be made electronically into any UK bank account, via Paypal or via a store credit note.


Can I view my stats whenever I want? 

Yes. You can log into your account through Empress Skincare Affiliate Program and view your stats as often as you would like.

If a customer cancels or returns an item, that means a loss of sale, then the commission you have been paid will be removed from your account.


Any further questions?

Please email us and we will answer any further questions you may have at

Our Affiliates FAQ has additional information if you are looking for more details to this programme.

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